Linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)
Variety Year of Releasing centre Oil content (%) Average Yield (kg/ha) Recommended states/regions/situations Specific features
Pratap Alsi-1 (RLU-6) 2007 MPUA&T, Kota AICRP Centre 41.08 1997 (S), 834 (F) Rajasthan Kota command areas Tall in height, erect, funnel shaped, white flowered, light brown seed, moderately resistant to wilt, PM, AB & BF, tolerant to rust.
Deepika (RLC 78) 2007 IGKV, Raipur AICRP Centre 41.39 1272 (I) Partially irrigated as well as Utera situation of CG state Medium in height & early, blue flower, brown seeded, resistant to PM
LC-2063 2008 PAU, Ludhiana AICRP Centre 41 1200 (I) Irrigated areas of Punjab State Tall plant, medium maturity, blue flower, dark brown seed, moderately resistant to BF
Azad Alsi-1 (LMS 9-2K) 2008 CSAU, Mauranipur AICRP Centre 39.92 1610 (I) Bundelkhand of UP,MP & Rajasthan Disk shape violet blue flower, dark brown seed, resistant to rust, wilt , PM and bud fly.
RLC-92 2008 Central
Himani (KL-214) 2008 CSK HPKV, Palampur AICRP Centre 36.4 583 (U) HP, J&K, Haryana and Punjab Blue fowered, small brown, seeded moderately resistant to rust and PM
PKV NL 260 2009 PDKV, Nagpur AICRP Centre 37.67 963 ( R) Maharashtra Medium height, early, light violet funnel shaped flower, moderately resisatnt to AB, PM, BF
JLS 67 Shival(Shival) 2010 JNKV, Sagar AICRP Centre 40.16 1252 ( R) Bundelkhand of UP,MP & Rajasthan Dwarf star shaped white flower, early maturity, light brown seed, moderately resistant to PM & rust
Bhagsu (KL-215) 2010 36.38 428(U) Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana
Jawahar Linseed-66, (SLS-66) 2010 42.8 1200 (R) Rainfed areas of M.P
Ruchi (LCK-5021) 2010 Kanpur 39.84 1366(S) 1055(F) UP (Except BKD), Bihar, JKD, WB, Assam & NEH Region
MAU Azad Alsi-2 2011 CSAUT, Kanpur Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, KNK, Odisha Early to medium duration variety
JLS-73 2011 JKVK, Jabalapur MP, Rajasthan, UP, Gujarat, Maharashtra Early duration
NDL 2004-05 2011 42 1800 (I & R) U.P.
NDL-2002 2011 43 1800 (I) U.P.
Jawahar Linseed-41, (PKDL-41) 2012 40 1600 (I) M.P limited irrigation facility
Pratap Alsi-2 2015 Rajasthan