About Oilseeds/Varieties

Soybean variety Year of release Releasing Centre Yield potential (kg/ha) Oil content (%) Recommended states/regions situations Salient features/ traits
JS 95-60 2007 JNKVV, Jabalpur 1800-2000 16.6 Madhya Pradesh Determinate, extra earliness,high seed germinability and longevity, lodging and shattering resistance erect plant, flower color violet, glabrous pods with 4 seeds per pod, seed size bold, hilum color grey, maturity 82-88 days. Resistant to stem fly and defoliators and moderately resistant to girdle and blue beetles, resistant/tolerant to root rot, bacterial pustule, RAB, TLS
Pratap Soya 1 (RAUS 5) 2007 MPUA&T, Udaipur 3000-3500 17.98 North Eastern Zone Determinate, purple flower, yellow seed, hilum light to dark brown, maturity 96-104 days.Resistant to girdle beetle and moderately to stem fly and defoliators
Pratap Soya 2 (RKS 18) 2007 MPUA&T, Udaipur 2300 17.13 Southern & North Eastern Zone Determinate variety with medium plant height. Purple flower. The plant is glabrous. Seed light yellow in colour round in medium size, Hilum gray to black, maturity 91 days. Moderately resistant to BP, girdle beetle and leaf miner but susceptible to rust.
TAMS 98-21 2007 PDKV, Akola 2200-2600 18.08 Maharashtra Determinate, erect, purple flower, brown pubescence, yellow seed with hilum brown, gray pod, maturity 95-100 days. Moderately resistant to rust, leaf spot disease and insects
PS 1347 2008 GBPUA&T, Pantnagar 3100 15.54 North Plain Zone Determinate compact plant type, tawny pubescence and yellow bold seeds, maturity 123 days. Resistant to YMV, rhizoctonia aerial blight, bacterial pustule, SMV and charcoal rot.
JS 97-52 2008 DSR Indore and JNKVV, Jabalpur 2500-3000 17.48 Central Zone and North Eastern Zone While flower, tawny pubescence, large number of plant per plant, tolerance to excessive soil moisture, good seed longevity, maturity 100 days.Resistance to YMV and Collar rot, moderately resistant to Rhizoctonia aerial blight, moderately resistance to insects
SL 688 2008 PAU, Ludhiana 2500 20.54 North Plain Zone Determinate and erect plants, brown pubescence, protein content 40.3% and oil content 19.4%, maturity 125 days. Resistant to YMV
VL Soya 59 2008 VPKAS, Almora 2600 20.04 North Hill Zone Low linolenic acid, better oil quality, protein content 39.15% and oil content 19.35%, maturity 135 days.Resistant to pod blight, target leaf spot
VL Soya 63 2008 VPKAS, Almora 2700 20.23 North Hill Zone Determinate and erect plants, protein content 41% and oil content 17.9%, maturity 130 days. Resistant to pod blight and target leaf spot, moderately resistant to frog eye leaf spot
PS 1225 2007 GBPUA&T, Pantnagar 3000-3200 18.01 Tarai and Bhabar Region of UP and Uttarakhand Grey pubescence, light brown hilum, Improved seed longevity. Shattering and lodging resistance, maturity 125 days. Multiple disease resistance. Resistant to resistant YMV, bacterial pustule, collar rot anthracnose, pod blight and SMV.
VL Soya 65 2009 VPKAS, Almora 1500-1800 Uttarakhand hills Moderately resistant to frog eye leaf spot, pod blight and leaf blight.
LSB-3 2009 Adilabad Andhra Pradesh Resistant to bacterial pestule, pod blight & tolerant to bud blight
MAUS-158 2009 Parbhani 2260 Marathawada region Tolerant to bacterial pustules, Rhizoctonia root rot & aerial blight, collar rot and charcoal rot.
Pusa 97-12 2009 IARI Northern Zone Resistant YMV, Charcoal rot
Birsa Safed Soybean-2 2009 Ranchi 2500 Jharkhand Resistant to bacterial pastules, cercopsora leaf spot, blue beetle and bihar hairy cater pillar, moderately resistant to frog eye leaf spot.
NRC-77 2010 DSR, Indore 2400 Southern zone Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, A.P., South Maharashtra Resistant to charcoal rot, Rizoctonia root rot and moderately resistant to RAB and BP
PS-19 2013 Pantanagar 2121 Tarai Bhabar and hills of Uttarakhand Resistant to major foliar diseases, YMV, Bacterial pustule & rhizoctonia aerial blight.
MACS-1188 2013 ARI, Pune 2475 Southern zone (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, A.P., South Maharashtra) High Oil content, early maturity, resistant to pod shattering and Rizoctonia aerial blight, bacterial pastules, charcoal rot, stem fly, pod borer, leaf folder, leaf minor and defoliators.
RKS-24 2011 ZARS, Kota 2200-2400 19% Rajasthan Resistant to shattering, Rhizoctonia aerial blight and bacterial pastules.
GC-00209-4-1-1 (Karune) 2011 UAS, Bangalore 7000-8000 (green pods) South Karnataka Vegetable type
DSb-1 2012 UAS, Dharwad 2500-3000 18.20% Karnataka Better germinability, Resistant to rust and tolerant pod shattering
SL 744 2012 Ludhiana 18400 21% Northern Zone (Punjab) Timely sown irrigated condition
RVS 2001-4 2014 2500 Madhya Pradesh Tolerant to major leaf, pod & root diseases. Tolerant to girdle beetle & semi looper.
JS-20-29 2014 MP, Maharashtra, Raj, UP
JS-20-34 2014 MP, Maharashtra, Raj, UP
MAUS-2(Pooja) 2014 Karnataka
Dsb-21 S.O. 1919 (E) 2014 Karnatalka Central Maharashtra
RKS-45 Pratap Soya 45) SO 2817(E) 19.9.2013 ARS Kota 3000-3500kg/ha Rajasthan Heavy soil region with irrigated and high fertility conditions
NRC-86 (ahilya-6) 2015 MP. Raj, Guj, UP & Maharashtra
KPS-344 2015 Mah, KNK, TN &TG
North hill zone:- Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand
North Plain Zone:- Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North east plains of U.P. and Western Bihar
Central Zone:- M.P., Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bundlekhand region of U.P., North-West Maharashtra
North Eastern Zone: West Bengal, Odhissa, Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya, Jharkhand and Eastern Bihar
Southern Zone:- Karnataka, A.P., Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Southern parts of Maharashtra