State-wise varieties of Niger crop notified under seed act from 2008 to 2019

State Recommended Varieties
Andhra Pradesh Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11)
Bihar BNS-10 (Pooja-1), Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29), Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11)
Chhattisgarh BNS-10 (Pooja-1), Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11), Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29)
Jharkhand BNS-10 (Pooja-1), Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11), Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29)
Karnataka BNS-10 (Pooja-1), KBN-1, IGPN-2004-1, (Phule Karala-1), DNS-4, Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29)
Madhya Pradesh BNS-10 (Pooja-1), Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11), JNS-30, Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29)
Maharashtra BNS-10 (Pooja-1), IGPN-2004-1, (Phule Karala-1), Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11), IGPN-8004, Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29)
Odisha BNS-10 (Pooja-1), Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11), Utkal Niger-150, Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29)
Rajasthan BNS-10 (Pooja-1), Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29)
West Bengal BNS-10 (Pooja-1), Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11)

Characters of notified varieties of Niger

Variety Year of Release Released Centre Oil Content (%) Yield Potential (Kg/ha) Recommended states/Regions/situations Safety features/traits
BNS-10 (Pooja-1) 2009 BAU, Ranchi 36-38 650-700 All niger growing states Duration 95-100 days, Shining black seed, Resistant to pests, diseases.
KBN-1 2009 UAS, Bangalore     Karnataka Moderately resistant to alternaria leaf spot
IGPN-2004-1, (Phule Karala-1) 2010 ZARS, Igatpuri (MS) 39-41 650-700 Kharif season in MS and Karnataka (High rainfall areas of Maharashtra) Duration 95-100 days, Shining black seed, Resistant to Alternaria, powdery mildew
Birsa Niger-3 (BNS-11) 2010 BAU, Ranchi (Jharkhand)     Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, MP, Odisha, Maharashtra, AP, WB, Kerala Early maturing variety 85 days, drought tolerant
Utkal Niger-150 2011 RRTTS, OUA&T, Semiliguda (Odisha) 38-40 650-700 Odisha Duration 105-110 days, Black seed, Tolerant to Alternaria, Cercospora, cuscuta
DNS-4 2012 USA, Dharwad 39-41 500-600 Kharif, Karnataka Shining Black seed, robust growth habit
JNS-30 2016 ZARS Chindwara 35-37 550-600 Madhya Pradesh  
IGPN-8004 2016 AICRP Nasik 39-41 500-550 Maharashtra Bold seeded resistant to leaf spot and PM
Jawahar Niger Sel-28 (JNS-29) 2017 ZARS Chindwara 34-36 550-650 All India Resistant to cercospora and alternaria leaf spot
GNNIG-3 2017 NRS Varanasi 46-48 400-450 Gujarat Resistant to cercospora and alternaria leaf spot
  • Source: Seed Division, GOI Website (seednet.gov.in) & ICAR Institutes.