State-wise varieties/Hybirds of Sunflower crop notified under seed act from 2008 to 2019

State Vartity Type Recommended Varieties
Andhra Pradesh Hybrid PAC-334, Olisun 3794 (PAC-3794), DCS-107, Prabhat (NDSH-1012)
Bihar Hybrid DCS-107, Kaveri Champ
Chhattisgarh Hybrid DCS-107
Gujarat Hybrid DCS-107
Haryana Hybrid DCS-107, Kaveri Champ
Jharkhand Hybrid DCS-107
Karnataka Variety RSFV-901(Kanthi)
Hybrid RSFH-1 (Tunga), KBSH-53, PAC-334, DCS-107, RSFH-130, Olisun 3794 (PAC-3794), RSFH-1887
Maharashtra Variety Phule Raviraj, Phule Bhaskar (SS-8808)
Hybrid LSFH-35 (Maruti), PAC-334, DCS-107, Olisun 3794 (PAC-3794)
Odisha Hybrid DCS-107, Kaveri Champ
Punjab Hybrid PSFH-569, DCS-107, PSH-1962
Tamil Nadu Hybrid PAC-334, DCS-107, CO-2, Olisun 3794 (PAC-3794)

Characters of notified varieties/hybrids of Sunflower

A) Varieties:
Variety Year of Release Released Centre Oil Content (%) Yield Potential (Kg/ha) Recommended states/regions situations Safety features/traits
Phule Raviraj 2009 MPKV, Rahuri 1795 34 Western Maharashtra Tolerant to Necrosis, Alternaria and Capitulum borer.
RSFV-901 (Kanthi) 2012 RARS-Raichur 1200-1400 - Karnataka Tolerant necrosis
Phule Bhaskar (SS-0808) 2016 ZARS Rahuri 3000 37.9 Maharashtra  

Variety Year of Release Released Centre Oil Content (%) Yield Potential (Kg/ha) Recommended states/regions situations Safety features/traits
LSFH-35 (Maruti) 2008 MAU, Latur 1600-1900 36-38 Maharashtra  
RSFH-1 (Tunga) 2008 RARS, Raichur 1300-1600 40-41 Karnataka  
KBSH-53 2009 UAS, Bangalore 1700-2700 42-44 Karnataka Resistant to powdery mildew
PSFH-569 2009 PAU Ludhiana 2232 40 Punjab High oil, early hybrid
PAC-334 2009 Advanta India Ltd 1700-1800 32 Maharashtra, AP, KNK, TN  
Suryamukhi 2010 PAU, LudhianA 2000-2200 40 Punjab  
DCS-107 2011 DOR, Hyd 1762   All media Non lodging non shattering
RSFH-130 2012 RARS, Raichur 1200-1500 40 Karnataka Tolerant to necrosis
Hybrid Year of Release Released Centre Yield potential (Kg/ha) Oil content (%) Recommended states/regions situations Safety features/ traits
CO-2 2012 TNAU, Coimbatore 1900-2200 38-40 Tamil Nadu Moderate resistant to Alternaria leaf spot, rust & tolerant to thrips and leaf hopper
Olisun 3794 (PAC-3794) 2013 Advant India ltd 1594 38 Maharashtra,TN, Karnataka, AP For both rainfed/ irrigated & Kharif/ rabi,resistant to downey mildew
PSH-1962 2016 AICRP PAU Ludhiana 2300 41.9 Punjab For Irrigated Conditions
RSFH-1887 2016 AICRP UAS Raichur 1800-2500 38-40 Karnataka  
PDKVSH-952 2017 PDKV Akola 1800-2000 36.8 Maharashtra  
Prabhat (NDSH-1012) 2017 RARS Nandyal 1500-2000 (RF), 2000-2500 (I) 40-41 Andhra Prdaesh  
Kaveri Champ 2017       Haryana, Bihar, WB, Odisha  
DSFH-3 2018   1800-2000 38-39 Karnataka Suitable for rabi season, Marurity 95-98days
LSFH-171 2018   1800-2000 35 MS, Karnataka, TN, AP, TS, Odisha, Bihar, WB Stress tolerant hybrid for Rabi. Resistant to downey mildew.  Maturity 90-95days
COH-3 2018   1610-1820 40-42 Tamil Nadu Suitable for both Kharif & Rabi season. Maturity 90-95days
  • Source: Seed Division, GOI Website (seednet.gov.in) & ICAR Institutes.